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Heat Press Production (Add-On)

Design SizeSmall (100x100mm)
Design Colours1

If you're ordering blanks directly from our website and want the easiest process for smaller orders, you need to order an 'Add-On' production method alongside your desired blanks. For every blank, there must be an 'Add-On' to ensure you're charged the correct amount and your custom product(s) can be produced by us.

This heat press 'Add-On' has 3x size options and 4x colour options. Please check the below breakdown of each of these options to ensure you select the correct ones. If for any reason we review your order and something doesn't seem right, we'll reach out to see if we have to reduce or increase your charge.

Confused? Feel free to directly email us any questions or visit this page to order manually via the contact form where we'll get back to you shortly to arrange the order and payment.

Design Size.

Small (90x90mm)

This is for smaller centre or left chest designs and whilst the option is there to make these complex, they can only be so complex due to the size restrictions. Ie. if you have lots of small text embroidered closely together, they likely won't turn out great.

Medium (120x170mm)

This is our most popular size and what we've used for the majority of our designs across the years. It enables a fast embroidery that's perfect for central designs that stand out but also don't swamp the whole garment. You can get pretty detailed here without compromise.

Large (180x290mm)

For those big embroidery designs with either lots of text or large graphics. They can work great on the front or back of garments and have loads of space for different element. However, they cost the most due to the time taken and the amount of stitches required.

Design Complexity.


A simple word, phrase or extremely simple graphic (ie. a line drawing). If you think your design might be on the cusp, it's likely you'll have opt for one of the other two options.


Most designs will fall under this category and it also has a slight correlation with design size (a small or medium design will usually always fall into this category)


If your design has a lot of text, a more detailed graphic or simply a lot going on, it'll be classed as complex. This category usually correlates with thread colours.

Heat Pressing Explained.

Vinyl application or HTV transfer using a heat press is a great way to do one off garments or products but tends to not suit runs of much more than a few given its manual nature.

What it can be useful for is uniform, personalisation, smaller pieces or specific applications. We also offer window and advertising vinyls that can come in a range of colours. We're hoping to introduce DTF production soon as well but this again is more suited to smaller production runs at a very low cost.