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Make Better Mrch.

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Make Better Mrch.

Union Beige - Ultra heavy hoodie - Mrch.
Union Beige - Ultra heavy hoodie - Mrch.

Union Beige - Ultra heavy hoodie


This ultra-heavy men’s hoodie combines the features of a classic sweater with cosy French terry. Complementing the look is its casual urban fit, so the hoodie is cut even more generously than an oversized fit and has extra-long sleeves. Adding further comfort and style are the kangaroo pocket, large hood and wide ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and hem. This hoodie can be personalised with printing or embroidery.

  • Hood.
  • Set-in sleeve.
  • Kangaroo pocket.

If you're just looking to purchase blanks outright, please simply checkout with your selected products and ignore any other information.

To place a customisable order, you can choose to purchase an 'Add-On' according to the production method you're wishing to use or, you can reach out directly to us and we can work together to create a quote for your desired order.

Choosing Add-Ons is a quick way to get smaller production runs ordered when you already have a design ready for us to use. You just need to add the method you want to your basket and ensure the 'Add-On' quantity matches how many blanks you're purchasing.

Reaching out manually is suitable for all types of orders and allow us to specifically quote you a final price whilst also discussing our Mrch offerings or other services you're wanting to utilise.

Product Weight


Production Add-On

If you already have your own design ready and are looking to place an order, please add your desired 'Add-On' method ensuring you add the quantity corresponding to how many blanks you're ordering.


How Can I Order Customised Mrch?

Either by selecting one of the production 'Add-Ons' below or by contacting us on this page. Both ways work well but the former is more suited to smaller orders and one off production runs (or if you just don't want to speak to us). Contacting us to sort it manually works for any size of order but will give you a more tailored price and idea of final result.

Do You Make All The Orders?

A mixture of both. We have specialist equipment in house to produce embroidery, screen printing, heat pressing and vinly cutting however, for other production methods, we do use our partners externally. We'll always aim to make your products in house but if for any reason they're more suited to external production, we'll let you know in advance so you can decide if you're happy with the price (as we obviously don't have as much control over these) but saying that, they're still extremely low compared to industry standard.

What Are Your Turnaround Times?

This will vary on a lot of factors, namely production method required, quantity required and how busy we are at that moment with other orders. We'll always aim to be as fast as possible (obviously) but can let you know prior to purchase our approximate estimated turnaround. Just as an example though, a medium sized, 1 colour embroidery order of 15x hoodies would likely be turned around in 48 hours.

How Many Items Do I Need To Order?

As many as you like. We don't require minimum order quantities and charge little difference between small or big orders. We do however, advise against bulk orders (usually quantities over 50) as our production space and machinery is definitely focused on smaller orders over a longer period rather than large dumps of orders. Always speak to us if you're concerned at all though as we can usually work things out on a case by case basis.

Production Methods


Embroidery is one of the most well regarded forms of branding with a high quality finish, long lasting (if not ever lasting) guarantee and retro feel to it.

Embroidery suits heavier garments and designs with simple colours for the best results. It also usually has a bigger upfront cost but, unlike most, we don't charge additional for digitising designs.

Screen Printing.

A staple in the streetwear industry and one that is by far the most ethical choice of garment application. Screen printing involves putting a water based clothing ink onto a mesh screen with the ink then being pushed through an emulsion template onto your garment.

Screen printing can utilise many ink colours and can also achieve a 'puff print' finish using additives. Most suppliers will only accept larger garment runs but we can happily do lower quantities at an affordable rate.

Direct to Garment.

DTG printing is one of the newest but most commonly used today printing methods due to its fast nature whilst not compromising quality. It uses a flatbed specialised printer to directly print onto garments and is then finished using heat and chemical treatments.

Whilst we don't perform these in house (yet), we have a great partnership with a printing company who can do runs from 1 to as many as you need and as ever, at a greatly competitive price.

Vinyl/Heat Press.

Vinyl application or HTV transfer using a heat press is a great way to do one off garments or products but tends to not suit runs of much more than a few given its manual nature.

What it can be useful for is uniform, personalisation, smaller pieces or specific applications. We also offer window and advertising vinyls that can come in a range of colours.


A Range Of Methods.

We ship as standard via Royal Mail but for bulkier orders, it may be more suitable to ship via UPS, DPD, ParcelForce or another courier depending on both your preference and also costs.

International Options Available.

Whilst we are based within the UK, we can easily ship internationally and this will obviously be more cost effective at parcels of larger sizes. We would usually advise against this but it's totally up to you!

Contact Us Anytime.

We're here all the time, 7 days a week, most hours of the day so please just get in our inbox and let us know what you're thinking. We know this business requires fast movement and we're totally here to support that.

Made To Order.

The 'made to order' or 'print on demand' model is one that still doesn't see enough mainstream attention and can even be confused with more sleezy methods like dropshipping. Whilst similar in it's structure, the main difference is we're making the products, not ordering them straight to the buyer.

The whole purpose of the MOD model is to both save on costs (upfront and in terms of wasted stock or unachievable MOQs) but also allow extremely fluid flexibility around designing, variations and response to consumer popularity or trends.

It also comes with the huge benefit of being much more sustainable than traditional methods as there's a guarantee that no stock will be wasted. Even if you opt to order lower quantities with us rather than going fully 'made to order', you're still benefitting as it's highly likely you'll sell out of that lower quantity and be back for more.

All Under One Roof.

From designing, machine embroidery, screen printing to our photoshoots, e-commerce management and marketing efforts, we do everything in-house to ensure optimum affordability is able to be passed onto yourselves. This also pairs with taking the burden of stress off you so that you're able to focus on your main product offering and your merchandise can be just that, merch.

Our goal with our brands and now 'mrch' is always to offer the most affordable but also effective service. The clothing and merchandise market can seem very daunting with huge upfront costs and little flexibility around the process unless you take it into your own hands.

With us, you don't need to. We take it off your hands but still allow you to direct us however you wish with endless flexibility around whether you want to submit your own designs, let us shoot your products or even directly ship it to your customers.

Experience and Reputation

With our brand 'The Fresh Stuff', we've fulfilled over 50,000 orders both domestically and across the globe even having to expand to opening a dedicated US website (printing & shipping from within America). This doesn't begin to include the 5000+ orders received on Depop, 10,000+ on Etsy and more across the internet.

No brags, just facts. We know what we're doing and we're good at doing it with a consistent 5 star rating across all our platforms. When we entered the clothing scene back in 2018, no one was doing what we were doing and to be honest, we didn't even expect it to pick up.

But, as time went on, we realised that customers favour making price savings in exchange for slightly longer waits. Yes, you do get the odd query or complaint from those who don't understand it but, if explained correctly prior to purchase, these are almost non-existent.

The Whole Package.

We don't just make the merchandise for you, we can also design it, photograph it, film it and sell it.

Whether you just need advise on design or a fully fledged e-commerce site, we're here to help streamline the entire process by doing it all under one package. We're experienced with Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix and have a great working relationship with Shopify, having been rated in the top 0.01% of stores on the platform.

We've been creating digital content for years now and are extremely proficient in both tapping into relevant marketing/aesthetics and delivering a unique look that (actually) stands out from the rest. Our gear speaks for itself from high end mirrorless cameras, cinema cameras all the way to vintage VHS and 35mm cameras.