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Make Better Mrch.

What Makes Mrch?

Age Doesn't Matter.

Originally started in a bedroom, The Fresh Stuff was founded off the back of rejection and worry. It somehow flourished into a booming business and essentially blew up during COVID, catering mainly to a student demographic who had excessive funds and little worry (for the time being). As we grew, our focuses changed and we realised it was tiring trying to keep up.

That's the short story but here we are now, with Mrch. Mrch was founded in 2022 and became a reality in 2023 with our move to a new production location shared with Cairngorm Coffee, a company we proudly produce for at almost every offering we provide.

Our policy and message hasn't changed since TFS: Provide great quality garments and merchandise at as low a cost as possible with ultimate transparency.

What The Future Holds.

To be honest, we don't know right now. At this point, we're just looking to expand our production to help other businesses grow and provide down right awesome merchandise. Over the years we've done odd jobs for friends, family and people who somehow discovered us but it's time to put our machinery (and talent, there's some there) to use for others.

We're excited to help fellow businesses with this side of operations and if you know anyone who would be suitable or interested in our offerings, please direct them here. As aforementioned, we're as transparent as it gets and we'd love to work with anyone who shares that sentiment and wants to make awesome s**t.